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Commercial Facility Management

What does commercial facility management mean to us?

Management of commercial property requires being able to prioritize and execute a large variety of tasks. General Maintenance Systems, Inc. believes that commercial facility management also consists of maintaining detailed administrative and financial records and monitoring all relevant maintenance, taxes, mortgages, and insurance.

We ensure the collection of rent, respond to tenant needs and problems, provide the property owner with daily reports (i.e. occupancy, rent roll, and budget), and frequent feedback on how the investment is making progress. The right commercial facility management provider, like General Maintenance Systems, Inc., is an asset to any property owner who wishes to automate tasks and increase productivity in other areas of the business.

Why should you choose General Maintenance Systems, Inc.?

Your commercial property stands as a reflection of your commitment to your business and your brand. General Maintenance Systems, Inc. has expertly serviced commercial spaces for over 30 years. Your commercial property is an extension of your company and your brand. General Maintenance Systems, Inc. offers high-quality facility management services for your employees and customers to keep your commercial spaces clean, attractive and secure. If you need a single application of our services or a completely customized solution, General Maintenance Systems, Inc. will improve your performance by taking proper care of the value, efficiency, and expense of your property.

At General Maintenance Systems, Inc., we strive to maintain and increase the value of your commercial property investments. We are responsible for tracking the performance of commercial properties and consistently strive to ensure that the commercial properties that we manage accomplish their anticipated revenue goals.  We offer all aspects of full-service commercial property management: 

Preparation and Marketing of Vacancies

Lease Negotiations and Tenant Improvements

Document Preparation (Including New Leases and Lease Renewals)

Rent Collection and Accounting

Tenant/Landlord Mediation and Tenant Retention

Repairs and Maintenance

24 Hour On-Call Emergency Services

Detailed Monthly and Year-End Financials

Payment of Invoices: Taxes, Mortgages, Insurance, Maintenance, and Utilities

Annual Budgets and Reconciliations

Periodic Property Inspections

And so much more!

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