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We make transportation easy.

Contracting with a single facility management company, like General Maintenance Systems, Inc., to coordinate your transportation needs makes sense. By doing so, you will improve mobility your for the company and personnel without breaking the bank.  With over 3 decades of experience across a wide range of services, General Maintenance Systems, Inc. possesses the operational expertise to deliver a screened, talented workforce and implement a plan that maximizes resources across all of your service needs.

Why should you choose General Maintenance Systems, Inc.?

At General Maintenance Systems, Inc., we strive to achieve excellence every step of the way by helping you and/or your business accomplish maximum efficiency. We decide where to achieve the greatest business improvement opportunities: hiring, scheduling, fleet finance, brokered services, or implementing new technology.

At General Maintenance Systems, Inc. safety is of utmost importance. We make sure our vehicles are regularly serviced and coupled with staff members you can trust. We will oversee the delegation of vehicles and personnel to transport you and/or others to the desired location. Our transportation services include:

Picking Up of Person(s) or Equipment

Transport of Person(s) or Equipment

Dropping Off of Person(s) or Equipment

Servicing Vehicles

Brokering Services

And so much more!

Ready to get started? Feel free to reach out to us to learn more. Navigate to our dedicated Contact page or fill out our form below and one of our representative will get right back with you.

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