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Post-Op Construction Management

A thorough clean-up for your future.

Upon completion of your construction and removal of all the debris, our team of experts will clean and prepare your new space to move in and set up. General Maintenance Systems, Inc. works with property owners and construction companies, alike, to provide on-budget, reliable work on tight schedules with zero rework. We will make sure your new facility is inviting, safe, and clean.

Why should you choose General Maintenance Systems, Inc.?

The General Maintenance Systems, Inc. progressive facility management approach reflects a comprehensive understanding of not only specific service needs but also more diverse principles. Because we understand construction can be unpredictable, we work to collaborate with your construction team and other contract workers to help ensure that your timeframe and deadlines are met.

At General Maintenance Systems, Inc., we strive to maintain and increase the value of your investments. With our top-of-the-line post-construction cleaning services, we are here to make your lives easier. Our highly-trained personnel fully understand the importance of safety while around the desired site and will perform duties as follows:

Cleaning Light Fixtures

Sanitation of Surfaces

Dusting Vents, Fixtures, and Surfaces

Cleaning of Walls

Sweeping/Mopping/Buffering of Floors

Pressure Washing of Windows

Vacuuming carpets

And so much more!

Ready to get started? Feel free to reach out to us to learn more. Navigate to our dedicated Contact page or fill out our form below and one of our representative will get right back with you.

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